risov fishing floats
Pole float RF147

Pole float RF147

risov fishing floats
risov fishing floats
risov fishing floats
risov fishing floats

The sizes available on this pattern are::0.1g /0.2g /0.3g /0.4g /0.5 g/ 0.6g 
Stem:Fiber glass
ANTENNA: Plastic hollow di Ø1,7 mm
0.1g- 13 cm

0.2g- 13,5 cm

0.3g- 14,5 cm

0.4g- 15 cm

0.5g- 16 cm

0.6g- 16,5 cm

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Very sensitive and resistant fishing float, with Ø1.7 mm hollow antenna. Clearly visible even from considerable distances.
The body of this float is built in ROHACELL material which is much more resistant than balsa, ROHACELL does not drink water and does not change the flow rate and sensitivity even after years of use. R14ov's RF147 float costs a little more but is well worth it.
Float created for fishing in still waters, ideal for winter fishing.
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