Pole float RF51

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Pole float RF51
Pole float RF51
Pole float RF51
Pole float RF51
Pole float RF51
Pole float RF51
Pole float RF51
Pole float RF51
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Az áthúzott ár az árcsökkentés alkalmazását megelőző 30 nap legalacsonyabb eladási ára.

Begin: 10/07/2022   While stocks last!

The sizes available on this pattern are : 2.0g /3.0g /4.0g /5.0g /6.0 g

Body: Balsa
Stem: Fiber glass
ANTENNA:Sterlight  - 4.5 mm


2.0 g- 15,5 cm

3.0 g- 16,5cm

4.0 g- 17,5 cm

5.0 g- 18,5 cm

6.0 g- 19,5 cm


Classic shape body , long fibre glass stem. Excellent for all types of fishing at sea, both with the Bolognese and with the fixed cane and for freshwater fishing. It is good for wave motion and is suitable for fishing with strong current, either in the sea, or in river or canal.


Today we did a mullet fishing session with the Bolognese technique ... on this occasion we used the RF 104 ... RF2 ... RF42 and RF51 floats of Rizov by my friend Stefan Kirilov...I have to say that I am remained fully satisfied with these floats ... they responded well in a techno such as the Bolognese in which sinsibility and precision are two pivotal points against a crafty fish like mullet. Our chances of ferrata are all placed on our float that will tell us the trilled clessica of the bite of the mullet ... that only an excellent float can signal to us the best ... that's why I recommend the floats RIZOV ... by Antonio Falanga.

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